HI!  My Name Is Lucas Ciliberti. I am 15 years old, and "I SING TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY!"  I started singing professionally when I was just 18 months old, when I sang "God Bless America" in front of a large audience, and I have been performing on stages across America, ever since!  My home town is Enid, Oklahoma - where I lived with my Mom and Grandma, on our 4 Generation Family Farm. I had plenty of opportunities to practice singing - to all the cows, and barn cats, and chickens!  I sang everywhere I could in Oklahoma: at Churches, Senior Citizen Centers, County Fairs, Rodeos, PBR Bull Riding Events, Monster Truck Shows, Opry’s & Operas, the NBA Thunder, the Harlem Globe Trotters - twice, and even Rattle Snake Hunts (not my favorite venue)!!! LOL!!!  We now have a home in Nashville too - where I can follow my dream of becoming a Country and Inspirational Gospel Music Singer.

         My Grandma used to always say, "Lucas, I know you love the farm - but you gotta spread your wings and fly..." That opportunity came when I won Vocalist of the Year, Entertainer of the Year, and Dancer of the Year (for clogging) at the Oklahoma Country & Gospel Music Singers Association Competition.  That win qualified me to go, and represent Oklahoma, at the North American Country Music Association International Competition, held in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee - But we didn't have enough money to go!  So my Grandma sold one of her precious cows, to pay for my trip!  If it hadn't been for her - I would not be where I am today... At the competition, I made her proud again, by winning Vocalist of the Year, Entertainer of the Year, and Dancer of the Year.  I was also the very first singer, to sing all my songs acapella - because we couldn't afford to buy tracks... And I even got a Standing Ovation for "God Bless the USA"!

After that, things really got exciting... Tommy Neal - of Stars2Come Magazine, interviewed me, and introduced me to Ann & Randy Dorman (Lead Guitarist and Photographer for Kenny Rogers). I had my first real photo shoot, and Randy became my Producer, while Ann did my "Dream Board" and became my Acting Coach. I cut my first single "Face of a Friend" with the Kenny Rogers Band backing me up! Not too shabby for a small town country boy from Oklahoma!!!  I now also record with Kenny Lee Productions - and I am a co-star on his TV Show - YEHAW JUNCTION. I just finished my newest Album, "RAINMAKER" (release date of March 1, 2016) with Writer-Producer, Curt Ryle, at Big Matador Recording Studio, as well. Another very important member of my team, is my Award Winning Videographer, Guitar Player, and Best Friend - Lance Goodman. His video production, of my song, “We’re All Brothers” won video of the year from Nashville Universe. He has always been there to support me and my mom...  God Blessed Me, by bringing all these wonderful people into my life, and my career, and I am very grateful.

OK - I'm sure by now you are all wondering... what about my long hair...???  There is a story... When I was in third grade, my best friend had leukemia.  He and his family actually moved in with us, so we could help take care of him.  I started growing out my hair, in his honor, and became an advocate for donating hair for cancer patients.  I shared his story every time I performed, and people were praying for him all over the USA!  He is now in remission - Praise God.  And the hair is still here! I am part Native American Indian, and I have been cast as the Chief's son, "Takota" (Meaning Friend to Everyone) on the new TV series, BIG SKY, which will begin shooting this summer... So stay tuned... On weekends, I enjoy singing at POW WOWs across the USA, meeting new people, and sharing the Gift God gave me.

Since we moved to Nashville, I have been really busy… when I’m not busy doing my homework, (I am home-schooled by my Aunt Joy) and trying to keep up with my social media, I am busy singing! I have had the opportunity to sing at the Bridgestone Arena during CMA week, the Nashville Palace, Nashville Cowboy Church, The Midnite Jamboree at the Troubadour Theater, Tootsies and Legends, on Broadway, Sweet Songs Nashville on Music Row, John A's, 3rd & Lindsley, Center Stage at the Opry Mills Mall, The Back Stairs of the Ryman Auditorium, The Hard Rock Cafe - many times, and many others… I've held my own concerts at churches, and opened for big stars. I have had the opportunity to touch many children's lives during school assemblies - where I focus on staying in school, doing your homework, NO BULLYING, and following your dreams... I am an active member of "Give a Little Nashville" – whose purpose is to help homeless children and their families. My singing brings smiles to their faces, and reminds me how fortunate I am...  I also do concerts and performances, to help pay for my older brother Nathan’s care. He is non-verbal, and cannot take care of himself, due to severe brain injury and Autism.  Someday, it is my dream - to have my own band, and tour the World, "SINGING TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY"...

Thank you all, for giving me, the opportunity to share my story with you...GOD BLESS YOU!

Lucas Ciliberti 

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Twitter: LucasCiliberti@lucasloves2sing